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Jennifer Pillon, Realtor

"Willy and Romeo are the best.  I highly recommend Quality Termite for their price and timely service.." 

Theresa L., Homewoner

"Amazing!  They did an excellent job on a house that needed an expert's touch.  Termites had done extensive damage to outside visible beams and they had to almost reconstruct some of them due to massive termites infestation.  I was stunned at what they did in the end.  Almost everywhere termites were, inside, outside, and underneath.  The quality of work they did had people stopping by the house to ask for their card.  Conscientious, skilled and importantly HONEST!  They did not inflate the bill, try to sell what we did not need or could not afford and left us thinking they were worth every penny.  They knew all the options for dealing with the different areas of infestation and took the time to explain them to a first time termite victim.  We got four quotes in total but they also were referred with excellent references and I certainly feel extremely comfortable continuing that well earned reputation to others.  Ask for Willie.

Elizabeth F., bar owner

I started working with Romeo at Quality Termite almost a year ago to service my bar.  I was working with someone else prior, however, the problems I was having in my 100 year old mixed use building were more better managed once I switched over.  Romeo was able to find areas of my space to focus on and tried different approaches keeping the critters away.  He's doing a great job, plus he's nice and professional.  I like working with  him.  If he indeed reflects the level of professionalism of the entire business than it's all good, hire them. They're great!!

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