Termites are here to stay.  They have been around since the Cretaceous period.  They live in colonies anywhere from hundred to several million.  These small wood destroying organisms are responsible for hundreds of dollars in wood repairs.  Termites go unnoticed for years and are detected most often when they have created extensive damage.  Protect your investment by using today's proven termite control technology. 

Quality Termite strictly uses Vikane Gas Fumigant made in the U.S.A

for all tent fumigations.

Tent Fumigation 100% eradication.  Lethal gas enters drywood termite galleries that are hidden behind walls that lead into the wood frame where termites live undected.



Drywood Termite

Termite Treatments

Whole structure fumigation

Precise and effective

Localized treatment is a form of controlling subterranean and drywood termites.  This option may be available to some structures depending on the degree of infestation and other variable conditions. We use green environmentally friendly termiticide products.

With a localized treatments there is no need to bag your food, medicine and leave your home or business for several nights.

Subterranean Termites

Coptotermes formosanus

These live under ground deep in the soil and create mud tunnels along foundations leading to the wood frame of your home causing severe structural wood damage.  One single colony can be up to 60,000 in numbers, with multiple nests there may be more than one colony at work.


Drywood Termites


Commonly describe as coffee grounds, drywood termites push out their droppings from their galleries and form piles.  These sometimes can be found in any wood structure.

Wood Damage

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